Agent 99

Agent 99 has an even more mysterious past then Agent 86. She calls herself a "country girl", having been raised forty miles north of Twin Falls, Idaho. Her father is dead, but when alive he claimed to be a greeting card salesman, although he was really a spy. He also looked exactly like the KAOS Agent Simon the Likable.

Before becoming a spy, 99 worked as a high fashion model. She joined CONTROL just two weeks after Max, by which time Max had driven the Chief bald.

99Her talents as a spy are numerous. She won three straight Lamont Cranston Awards for Shadowing. She speaks Chinese, German, and French. 99 is an accomplished dancer, as well as a violin and harp player. In several episodes 99's cover is that of a singer and she reveals herself to have an excellent voice.

From the moment they met, 99 has been in love with Maxwell Smart. For years she tried to get him to notice her, but he refused to think of her as anything but a fellow spy. Finally, she gives up on Max, quits CONTROL, and gets engaged to Victor Royal. Jealous beyond words, Max follows her to Royal's casino and reveals him to be a KAOS agent. She returns to CONTROL feeling depressed about Royal, but more secure about Max's feelings for her.

That episode (99 Loses CONTROL) has caused a great deal of confusion among fans, as 99 tells Victor that her name is Susan Hilton. Many people have mistakenly said that is her real name. However, at the end of the episode, she quite clearly states that Susan Hilton is a fake name. The exact lines:

Max: That's all right Susan.
99: It's 99, Max. Susan isn't my real name.

Doesn't get any clearer then that!

Finally, when they're on a case and escape seems impossible, Max confesses his love and tells 99 that he'd marry her if they could only escape. With that motivation, 99 thinks of a way out of the KAOS trap and they become engaged. She gets several engagement rings, with one of them shattering like glass when Rosa LaCosta sings. A little more than a year after their wedding, 99 gives birth to twins. Like her, the twins real names are never revealed. Contents


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