One of the best parts of Get Smart was the fantastic gadgets that were used in almost every episode. I've separated them into categories and listed them all here, along with the episode that they were used. Each item is only listed once, in the category covering its use. For example, the test tube phone is under phones, not lab equipment. For the devices that appeared in more than one episode, I listed their first appearance. The devices are also listed in the order they appeared in the show. I also avoided gadgets that were realistic or something you would see an ordinary seret agent use.

Phones Communication Devices Guns Weapons (non-gun)
Lab Equipment Drugs Protective Devices Miscellaneous



Shoe Mr. Big
Car Cigarette Lighter Our Man In Toyland
Pocketwatch Our Man In Toyland
Watch School Days
Test Tube Our Man In Leotards
Thermos Our Man In Leotards
Compact Our Man In Leotards
Potted Plant The Day Smart Turned Chicken
XBB - bed headboard phone The Day Smart Turned Chicken
Wallet Satan Place
Eyeglasses Satan Place
Necktie Satan Place
Handkerchef Satan Place
Belt Satan Place
Garter Satan Place
Steering wheel Kisses For KAOS
Bedpost All In The Mind
phone in painting of 99 in Max's bedroom All In The Mind
Fire hydrant Stakeout on Blue Mist Mountain
Fireplace log I'm Only Human
Gun Ship of Spies
Hairdryer Ship of Spies
Small phone inside normal phone Last One In Is A Rotten Spy
Briefcase handle Casablanca
Steer horn - used to talk with White House It Takes One to Know One
Magazine Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho
Cheese sandwich Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho
Address book on Max's desk Pussycats Galore
Cuckoo clock in Chief's office A Man Called Smart
Microscope in CONTROL lab A Man Called Smart
Bunsen burner in CONTROL lab A Man Called Smart
Daisy That Old Gang of Mine
Shepard's staff The Groovy Guru
Bar of soap Operation: Ridiculous
Ice cream cone The Hot Line
Steer head - in Chief's office, lets you have a conference call with The President The Hot Line
Suit jacket The Impossible Mission
Sandwich with potato chip microphone Closely Watched Planes
Fire hydrant Diamonds are a Spy's Best Friend
Comb - invented by the Chief A Tale of Two Tails
Feather duster - used by KAOS The Laser Blazer
Golf shoe I Shot 86 Today
Boot - used by KAOS To Sire With Love
Car radiator Shock It To Me
Sunflower The Not-So-Great Escape
Sock Pheasant Under Glass
Canteen The Treasure of C. Errol Madre
Mule hoof - used by KAOS The Treasure of C. Errol Madre
Phone book - used by KAOS Age Before Duty
Snowshoe Ice Station Siegfried
Mummy's coffin Moonlighting Becomes You
Pipe House of Max
Balloon Rebecca of Funny Folk Farm
Feather duster - used by CONTROL How Green Was My Valet
Fingernail And Only Two Ninety-Nine
Garden hose What's it all About, Algie?


Communication Devices

Cone of Silence Mr. Big
Tomahawk radio Washington 4, Redskins 3
Saddle radio transmitter Washington 4, Redskins 3
Ice cube microphone Double Agent
Fly microphone Double Agent
Homing device in suit jacket should Survival of The Fattest
Bowl of fruit microphone & tape recorder Kisses For KAOS
Parking meter telegraph Stakeout on Blue Mist Mountain
Mini-TV transmitter dog collar I'm Only Human
Portable Cone of Silence Hubert's Unfinished Symphony
Perfume spray bottle radio transmitter Shipment to Beirut
Lipstick homing device Shipment to Beirut
Invisible icing A Spy For A Spy
Earring readers for invisible icing A Spy For A Spy
Belt buckle tape recorder Kiss of Death
Tape recorder camera Greatest Spy on Earth
Camera tape recorder Greatest Spy on Earth
Signal light earrings Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Spies In A Sub
Signal light pen Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Spies In A Sub
Silver dollar microphone and transmitter Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho
Vest button hold button and light to show ringing of Max's shoe phone A Man Called Smart
Football communications device - used by KAOS Witness for the Persecution
Closet of Silence - used when the Cone of Silence has been rented out to the CIA Maxwell Smart, Private Eye
Olive radio transmitter/receiver - used by KAOS One of Our Olives is Missing
Umbrella of Silence - used in England That Old Gang of Mine
French bread triangulation device The Hot Line
Rifle long-range microphone - used by KAOS The Hot Line
Ping pong paddle short wave radio Die, Spy
Shoe phone hold button Snoopy Smart vs. The Red Baron
Coffee and donut radio Closely Watched Planes
Martini and olive radio Closely Watched Planes
Ice cream (Fudgicle) microphone/transmitter The Worst Best Man
Invisible chalk A Tale of Two Tails
Secret Word File - used when the Cone of Silence is broken, it's flashcards with words written on them. A Tale of Two Tails
Toast tape recorder - used by KAOS The Laser Blazer
KAOS Confetti - the color of the confetti determined the orders for KAOS agents Hurray for Hollywood
Castanets telegraph Tequilla Mockingbird
Pencil listening device Greer Window



27F - cigarette lighter Diplomat's Daughter
Charm on charm bracelet Diplomat's Daughter
Phone in Max's apartment - dial 1-1-7 Too Many Chiefs
Finger gun (two shot) Survival of The Fattest
Briefcase gun - used by KAOS The Dead Spy Scrawls
Pool cue shotgun The Dead Spy Scrawls
Rubber duckie I'm Only Human
Violin Hubert's Unfinished Symphony
Peg leg - used by KAOS Ship of Spies
Hairbrush - brush 3 strokes Shipment to Beirut
Inflatable horse Last One In Is A Rotten Spy
XKE500 - shoots Dum-Dum bullets A Spy For A Spy
Paintbrush Bronzefinger
B11 - Fishing rod machine gun Island of the Darned
Surveying tool - used by KAOS Somebody Down Here Hates Me
Umbrella - also contains a camera The Girls From KAOS
Hammer Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho
Wrench - used by KAOS Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho
Crutch - used by KAOS A Man Called Smart
Flashlight That Old Gang of Mine
Baton - used by KAOS The Little Black Book
Three-way gun - gun with one trigger that fires in three separate directions The Little Black Book
Pennant rifle - used by KAOS Run, Robot, Run
Ping pong paddle Die, Spy
Stereophonic pistol - developed in Japan for KAOS The Day They Raided The Knights
Crutch Greer Window
Silent machine gun Pheasant Under Glass
Professor Peter Peckinpah All-Purpose Anti-Personnel Peckinpah Pocket Pistol
(also known as "The Mini-Mauser" and hidden under the Chief's toupee)


Weapons (non-gun)

Electro-retrogressor gun KAOS In CONTROL
Pocket Disintegrator Pen KAOS In CONTROL
Electric grass - used by KAOS Satan Place
Expando-Rice - explosive rice Weekend Vampire
Ignitopaste - Toothpaste that is also a fuse Weekend Vampire
Nitro floor paint - used by KAOS Kisses For KAOS
Timed explosive paint -used by KAOS Kisses For KAOS
Vibration paint - explodes from vibration, used by KAOS Kisses For KAOS
Flooding phone booth - used by KAOS All In The Mind
Cigarette lighter that shoots poison gas I'm Only Human
TK800 - Tranquilizer bomb The Amazing Harry Hoo
Wheelchair with knives in arms - used by KAOS Ship of Spies
Plastic mannequin spray - used by KAOS Shipment to Beirut
Exploding wallet A Spy For A Spy
Suicide ring - worn by Siegfried A Spy For A Spy
X11 - laser missle detector A Spy For A Spy
Poison lipstick - used by KAOS Kiss of Death
Bracelet switchblad - used by KAOS Kiss of Death
Bird bomb - used by KAOS Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Spies In A Sub
Miniature torpedo hammer Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Spies In A Sub
Knockout gas horoscope book The Decoy
Tube sword - sword blade disguised in a tube of paint Bronzefinger
Exploding birthday cake - used by KAOS Hoo Done It
Bazooka butts - cigarettes that are hand grenades Island of the Darned
Tear gas pen Cutback at CONTROL
Aluminum knuckle - cheaper than brass knuckles Cutback at CONTROL
Foot Grenade - foot cast with a bomb inside A Man Called Smart
Disintegrator steps - Device in Max's apartment that will disintegrate anyone using the stairs Witness for the Persecution
Remote control laser - Device in Max's apartment that operates laser beams that can destroy anything in the apartment Witness for the Persecution
Football bomb - used by KAOS Witness for the Persecution
Attack vase - used to attack people behind you, when held over your head the base shoots backward at high speed One of Our Olives is Missing
Sonic Boom Machine - used by KAOS
  *Thanks to Klaus for pointing this one out.
Sonic Boom
Boots that shoot nuclear powered bullets When Good Fellows Get Together
Cuff link hand grenades When Good Fellows Get Together
Electric mosquito Dr. Yes
Omega Deltoid Solatron Mark 2 - exact function unknown, but it will wipe out KAOS The Mysterious Dr. T
Stair Spears - In Max's apartment, a painting rises up and spears shoot out towards anyone on the steps The Little Black Book
Poison dart pencil - used by KAOS Operation: Ridiculous
Nitrowhisperin - silent explosive invented by Albert Pfitzer Spy, Spy Birdie
Snead Synthetic Onion - used by KAOS, when combined with gin & vermouth, it explodes Run, Robot, Run
Ping pong ball grenada Die, Spy
Poison phonograph needle The Impossible Mission
Laser Blazer - invented by Lin Chan The Laser Blazer
Sleeping dirt - dirt that exudes sleeping gas One Nation Invisible
Knockout lipstick The Day They Raided The Knights
Poison tipped golf ball I Shot 86 Today
Nuclear golf ball - used by KAOS I Shot 86 Today
Exploding golf ball - used by KAOS I Shot 86 Today
Spear painting - Painting in Max's apartment lifts up and spears shoot out from behind it. Leadside
Paper Pal Detonating Pen - activates every booby trap in Max's apartment Leadside
Crutch with knife coming out of tip Greer Window
Laser beam gun Pheasant Under Glass
Machine gun and missle firing baby carriage Ironhand
Bazooka broom Age Before Duty
Mortar mortar - used by KAOS Is This Trip Necessary?
Maricoba Carnivorae - man-eating plant used by KAOS What's it all About, Algie?
Sleeping Gas Pen I Am Curiously Yellow
Narco 512 - Gun that uses incredibly powerful sound waves. I Am Curiously Yellow


Lab Equipment

DetectoTune Weekend Vampire
MagnaLamp - Superpowerful lamp Dear Diary
Electroblast - Quiet explosions to open locked doors I'm Only Human
IdentoMan - magnetic head with different facial features that let you duplicate somebody's appearance Kiss of Death
Wrist smasher - used in torture The Decoy
Spiked chair - comfortable chair where spikes come out of the cushion, used in torture The Decoy
A14Mark 2 Disintegrator - doesn't do anything, but confuses the enemy long enough for you to escape Island of the Darned
Master Identification File - giant computer Perils in a Pet Shop



Immobilo - paralyzes its victims briefly Our Man In Leotards
Destruct Pill - suicide pill Aboard The Orient Express
Absorbo Pill - absorbs all alcohol Double Agent
Brainwashing Pill - Used by KAOS Smart, The Assassin
Salt tablets disguised as shirt buttons Appointment in Sahara
Lie pills The Groovy Guru
Poison soap bar Run, Robot, Run
Sleeping foot powder Run, Robot, Run
DRY-UP - Formula for turning water into air
   *Thanks to Crystal for pointing this one out.
A Man Called Smart
Formula for turning paper into liquid - invented by Dr. Madre of KAOS With Love and Twitches
Invisibility spray - invented by Dr. Canyon One Nation Invisible
Sodium Calcium Chloride - used by KAOS, it's the world's second fastest acting poison. Is This Trip Necessary?
Anti-Sodium Calcium Chloride - counteracts Sodium Calcium Chloride Is This Trip Necessary?
Pro-Anti-Sodium Calcium Chloride - counteracts Anti-Sodium Calcium Chloride and allows the poison to work again. Is This Trip Necessary?
Anti-Pro-Anti-Sodium Calcium Chloride - counteracts Pro-Anti-Sodium Calcium Chloride. Is This Trip Necessary?
Hallucinogen tablet - used by KAOS to create weird dreams and images Is This Trip Necessary?
Drug that gives wax figures life - used by KAOS House of Max
Rain Salt - Special salt that always causes rain when it's sprinkled on clouds Rebecca of Funny Folk Farm
Truth Steam - used by KAOS in the Roman Baths, the steam forces the person to speak the truth Smartacus
Anti-hypnosis pill - prevents the person taking it from being hypnotized for 24 hours. I Am Curiously Yellow


Protective Devices

Invisible wall in Max's apartment Now You See Him
Seltzer bottle that turns lamp into a club Now You See Him
Moving desk drawer activated by desk lamp Now You See Him
Net activated by switch near Max's sofa Now You See Him
Fireplace supervacuum Now You See Him
Chair that released sleeping gas Now You See Him
Roll-up Rug My Nephew The Spy
Bowler hat gas mask Aboard The Orient Express
Bulletproof bandages Maxwell Smart, Alias Jimmy Ballantine
Plastic lips Kiss of Death
False neck Casablanca
Art pallette bulletproof shield Bronzefinger
Portable force field unit It Takes One to Know One
Cube of Safety - In Max's apartment, it's a cube that lowers itself over a person and is impenetrable Witness for the Persecution
Shoe gas mask The Spy Who Met Himself
Maxwell Smart silhouette on windowshade The Little Black Book
Bulletproof cumberbund 99 Loses CONTROL
Inflatable head in a cloak The Wax Max
Remote control self-propelled doorknob - to fool assassins outside Max's apartment Operation: Ridiculous
Pericope rainspout - outside Max's apartment building, it lets him see the entire neighborhood Operation: Ridiculous
Remote control exploding briefcase The Farkas Fracas
Knife throwing suitcase - if not opened properly, knife springs out at opener Temporarily Out of CONTROL
Bubble-screen briefcase - it shoots out a stream of bubbles instead of smoke because smoke may be hazardous to your health Temporarily Out of CONTROL
Fireplace smoke screen - in Max's apartment Leadside
Nuclear glass cube - used by KAOS Pheasant Under Glass



Inflato-Coat Mr. Big
Carbon paper lined suitcoat School Days
Electric Snake Washington 4, Redskins 3
Door Zipper - allows you to see who's at the door The Day Smart Turned Chicken
Suction Cup Shoes Satan Place
Fire extinguisher slide projector Too Many Chiefs
Dial-A-Fact My Nephew The Spy
License Plate Car Trunk Lock Weekend Vampire
Strato Shoes - shoes with compress air in the heel that will send an agent into the air Aboard The Orient Express
Phonograph player watch Double Agent
Charm bracelet record (goes with above watch) Double Agent
Tie with charm that releases truth serum Survival of The Fattest
Leaf notebook Kisses For KAOS
Fingerprint Lifting Pencil Kisses For KAOS
Chauffer's cap camera Kisses For KAOS
Inflato-Girl Kisses For KAOS
Soup bowl & spoon camera Kisses For KAOS
Fingerprint Lifting Roll Kisses For KAOS
Remote control cue ball & lipstick controller The Dead Spy Scrawls
Omnifile - Computer controlled filing cabinets All In The Mind
Invisible Dust - used for tracking Dear Diary
Canine Brainwasher - used by KAOS I'm Only Human
Gun flashlight The Amazing Harry Hoo
Heliocoat - Coat containing helium balloons Hubert's Unfinished Symphony
Umbrella File - hidden compartment with 99's files Ship of Spies
Briefcase TV set The Only Way To Die
Razor ring - ring that contains a razor blade Bronzefinger
Microfilm tooth cap The Whole Tooth And...
Hollow birthday cake for smuggling The Whole Tooth And...
Magneto Ring - ring with a strong magnet inside Perils in a Pet Shop
Portable agent finder Somebody Down Here Hates Me
Shirt button geiger counter Appointment in Sahara
Super Briefcase - contains a rope with grappling hook, ladder, flashlight, camera, and parachute A Man Called Smart
Escape balloon suitcase Viva Smart
Inflatable raft suitcase Viva Smart
Laser beam pen Viva Smart
Fishing rod and reel tracking device Dr. Yes
Oversize mini-girder fountain pen Dr. Yes
Micro-battery powered diamond drill ring Dr. Yes
Mirror cufflinks The Mysterious Dr. T
Mini-tuning fork in watch The Groovy Guru
Watch Rod - long rod or pointer stretches out of Max's watch The Little Black Book
Compact geiger counter The Wax Max
Plutonium kewpie doll The Wax Max
Sound absorbing wood Spy, Spy Birdie
Sounding board matchpack Spy, Spy Birdie
Lipstick battery deactivator - used by KAOS Run, Robot, Run
Tie clip camera - used by KAOS The Hot Line
Ring camera - used by KAOS The Hot Line
TV set safe - used by KAOS The Reluctant Redhead
Super Satchel - a satchel that contains a flashlight, camera, fake ear, and fingerprint gloves The Reluctant Redhead
Fingerprint gloves - gloves with the fingerprints of a KAOS agent on them so that his prints are left at crime scenes The Reluctant Redhead
Computer trumpet - State a song title into its mouthpiece and it will start playing that song. The Impossible Mission
Foam rubber potato Snoopy Smart vs. The Red Baron
Bar of soap hollowed out to be a carrying case Diamonds are a Spy's Best Friend
Synthetic islands - used by KAOS Schwartz's Island
Nuclear magnet - used by KAOS Schwartz's Island
Mini-magnet in belt Schwartz's Island
Straight hitting golf club I Shot 86 Today
Magnetic golf ball I Shot 86 Today
Lipstick telescope I Shot 86 Today
ARDVARC - Automated Reciprocal Data Verifier And Reaction Computer that is friends with CONTROL's cigarette machine. Leadside
Computer piano - plays any song by itself Pheasant Under Glass
New face spray - sprays a new face over your old face Pheasant Under Glass
Fake fingertips - used on fire escapes The Apes of Rath
Dorian Gray Paint - Used by KAOS, when brushed on a picture, it ages the person. Age Before Duty
Wristwatch camera Is This Trip Necessary?
Giant electric fan - used by KAOS to freeze the world Ice Station Siegfried
Reverse film - must be developed in the light. Rebecca of Funny Folk Farm
Sacred Gong of Ming Chong Ho - hypontizes whoever hears it and places them under the control of the gonger I Am Curiously Yellow Contents


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