Passwords and Codes

A great many passwords, signs, codes, and countersigns were used throughout Get Smart's run. I've listed all of the ones used by CONTROL here, along with the episode.



New York Mets win doubleheader


Mr. Big


When the moon is full, the tide is high.


School Days


Sign: The migrating birds fly low over the sea.
CS: Shadeless windows admit no light.
Sign: The wingless dove protects its nest.
CS: The toothless tiger rules the restless jungle.


Too Many Chiefs



Sign: Apples
CS: MacIntosh


Too Many Chiefs




Aboard the Orient Express


Sign: The geese fly high
CS: The frost is on the grass.


Double Agent


Sign: The blue sun melts the red snow
CS: And the purple water runs uphill


Back to the Old Drawing Board


Sign: Is the wind fair to Java?
CS: All clear, no storm on the horizon


Back to the Old Drawing Board
Sign: Bismark
CS: Salt Lake City


Sign: Camptown ladies sing this song.
CS: Doo-dah, doo-dah
Sign: Camptown racetrack five miles long
CS: Oh doo-dah day.


The Mummy
Ricardo Montalban hates tortillas


Viva Smart
Herb Alpert takes trumpet lessons from Guy Lombardo


Viva Smart
Sign: I wish I were in the land of cotton.
CS: Old times there are not forgotten.
Sign: Look away.
CS: Look away.
Sign: A way down south in Dixie.


The Spy Who Met Himself
Sign: Pussycat, pussycat, where have you been?
CS: I've been to London to visit the Queen.


One of Our Olives is Missing


Never before in the history of human endeavor have so many given so much to so few.


That Old Gang of Mine
The fuchsia fox fell fifty fathoms from father's famous fish fry.


The Mysterious Dr. T
Sign: The Grateful Dead are alive and living in Beverly Hills.
CS: Simon and Garfunkel fell off the Tallahatchie Bridge.


The Groovy Guru
Sign: A wet duck only flies at midnight.
CS: The night is the devil's playground.
Sign: When the swallows come back to Campobello, there will be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover.


The Reluctant Redhead
Sign: Who wrote Little Women?
CS: Lonely little men.

Sign: Who do you love?
CS: I want to be loved by you, just you, and nobody else but you.
Sign: I want to be loved by you, you hoo hoo.
CS: (said together) Boop boop be do.


Return of the Ancient Mariner
Sign: Hi there.
CS: Hello.


I Shot 86 Today
Sign: I lost my dinghy.
CS: Why don't you try the Brooklyn Naval Yard?


Age Before Duty
Sign: When I'm calling you.
CS: Ooh ooh ohh, ooh ooh ohh.


Ice Station Siegfried
There'll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover.


House of Max
A nightengale sang in Berkely Square.


House of Max
Sign: Johnny Doughboy found a rose in Ireland.
CS: To each his own.


House of Max



Blue Alert Extreme emergency condition. Agent is to act casual and not attempt contact until being signaled again. The Dead Spy Scrawls
Checkpoint Tracking Plan System for tailing suspects which has CONTROL agents positioned at set checkpoints. Satan Place
Class A Security Supersecret case rating that means it can only be discussed under the Cone of Silence. KAOS in CONTROL
Code 4 Alert Requires all train stations, bus stations, and airports to be patrolled. The Return of the Ancient Mariner
Code 10 Used in pursuit of KAOS Agents Satan Place
Code 16 Invasion from outer space. The Girls From KAOS
Code 16, Rule 5 Exact details never mentioned The Girls From KAOS
Code 16, Rule 6 All agents must memorize Rule 5. The Girls From KAOS
Code 19 Woman being pursued by unknown assailant. The Girls From KAOS
Code Z Establishes a high level of security that means the case can not be discussed with anyone. One Nation Invisible
Contact Plan 6 Exact details never mentioned Dear Diary
CONTROL Master Code Known only to CONTROL's number two man It Takes One to Know One
Procedure 3 Give fake information in order to receive an antidote Classification: Dead
Singing Code New lyrics are put into a song. The Hot Line
CONTROL Universal Code Exact details never mentioned The Decoy
COS Security Risk Similar to Class A Security, it means the Cone of Silence must be used.  
Coughing Code Different sounding coughs replace words, this was discontinued because too many agents were getting sick. The Mummy
Cover Story 3-MB Claim to be Japanese What's It All About, Algie?
Dead Spy Scrawls Method of shorthand used by dying agents.
(See below for translation.)
The Dead Spy Scrawls
Emergency Identification Procedure 6-4 Establishes a board of inquiry to determine whether or not a CONTROL agent is working for KAOS. The Spy Who Met Himself
Emergency Park Procedure R-17 When stationed in a park with a woman, kiss her passionately in order to avoid detection. The Groovy Guru
Emergency Telephone Plan Z To contact another agent without being detected, go into one of a set of side by side phone booths and call him in the other booth. Our Man in Toyland
Filing Procedure Makes three copies of every report and then burn them. Perils in a Pet Shop
Greenvault Maneuver To disable an electronic device, unplug it. Satan Place
KAOS Confetti Code Used by KAOS, the color of the confetti thrown in a ticker tape parade gives agents the message. Hurray for Hollywood
Long Whistle Signal Signals emergency Hurray for Hollywood
Magenta Alert Case can only be discussed under the Cone of Silence KAOS in CONTROL
Maneuver X-14 To determine if a suspect is a double agent or not, ask him point blank if he's a double agent. Dear Diary
Maximum Mobilization Alert Used only when another power is threatening war Washington 4, Redskins 3
Maximum Security Another rating that forces use of the Cone of Silence Too Many Chiefs
Maximum Security Plan Omega Intense security plan that protects an agent by sealing off the block surrounding the agent's building, puts electronic surveillance on every floor of the building, and stations agents in the hotel across the street. Failed to work for Agent Omega. Leadside
M4 Complete mobilization raid that sends out every available agent within ten minutes. Shipment to Beirut
101 Designates a person to be shot on sight Too Many Chiefs
Operation Starch KAOS' plan to use a special bacteria to wipe out the entire vegetable crop of the United States. Snoopy Smart vs. the Red Baron
Operation Baby Buggy Switch Best worked with 15 agents, this uses a set exchange of baby buggies in order to prevent an enemy from stealing one. Ironhand
Operation Sourdough Plan to locate the KAOS Communications Center The Hot Line
Plan 4 Agent gets inside KAOS hideout and forces the agents inside to come out the front and get arrested. I Am Curiously Yellow
Plan 4A To lure an enemy agent, just walk away from him. The Whole Tooth And...
Plan 6-FC Exact details not revealed. Back to the Old Drawing Board
Plan 7 Use seduction to get an enemy agent to follow you and then use a weapon on them. Casablanca
Plan 26-E Using a mirror to blind an opponent Washington 4, Redskins 3
Plan 49K Split forces so that one agent takes the protectee to his apartment while the other agent shadows the suspected villain. Diplomat's Daughter
Plan Y-14 Used in bus stations and airports, a suspect is lured past a row of lockers. A CONTROL agent is hidden in the lockers and opens the door of one of the lockers into the suspect, rendering him unconscious. Mr. Big
R-6 Emergency Media personnel are present and forbidden to take pictures, while agents must not disclose any names or secret data. Operation Ridiculous
Rule 13 Yet another security rating forcing use of the Cone of Silence. My Nephew the Spy
Rule 27 All agents must strictly follow the rules. My Nephew the Spy
Silent Signal System Hand signals to relay information. The Dead Spy Scrawls
Special Class A Top Security That's right, it's a security rating that forces you to use the Cone of Silence. The Decoy
Top Secret Security rating that means the case can only be discussed in a foreign language. A Man Called Smart - The Dead Spy Scrawls Contents


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