The DVD Restoration

For those of you that have the DVD set, you'll right away notice what a fantastic job was done on the episode restoration. I had to find out who was responsible for this amazing work and so I did some digging so that I can tell you that a very dedicated crew at Advanced Digital Services is responsible for the restoration. As Leonard Stern said, "finally Get Smart can be seen the way it was meant to be seen." I have never seen a restoration this good on a show from this time frame (or any other either). I think it's important that we all recognize the talented people who put a lot of their heart, soul and talent into this job.

Get Smart Key Restoration People

Realtime Restoration/Color Correction/Picture Enhancement
Ariel Ticsay

Creative Digital Repair
Tom Sehenuk

Digital Restoration
Ariel Ticsay
Tom Sehenuk
Johnny Aparicio
Glen Liska
Westie Pilarski
Armen Shakhnazaryan
JJ Bastrmajyan

Audio Restoration
Karen Eckhoff

Additional thanks to:
Kevin Yates
Gabriel McKail
Patrick Caneday
Frank Donner
Tammy Forss
Karin Wright

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